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Riviera Business is a unique Business & SPA Centre which is being constructed in Minsk. It is well placed on the Pobediteley Avenue (Victorian prospectus) and meets the majority of international requirements and modern industry trends.

Riviera Business is an unusual architectural solution. The construction consists of four (4) picturesque 5-and 6-storey ship-shaped buildings which are “tied up” to one of the busiest avenues of the city and joined together by one store construction – stylobate.

Key Advantages of Riviera Business & SPA:

• Multi task capability – one can work, revitalize and relax here! The total area of the centre is over 33,000 m2. Its offices facing the lake, “Minsk-Arena” and the Pobediteley Avenue range from 70 to 1200 m2. The SPA-centre of over 5,000 m2 will have diverse recreation facilities. Such as 17 different (from the Russian to the Scythian) banias and saunas, SPA-cinema, 13 swimming pools, all the main types of world massage and beauty culture; restaurants; cafes; medical centres, health and sports clubs and a parking for 500 cars.

• Smart location - close to the Highway and the city centre! The convenient location means the presence of the symbolic objects in the neighbourhood: "Minsk-Arena", "Arena City", "National Olympic Committee," Waterpark Lebiajii", etc. The highway and city are both as close as 7 minutes drive. In walking distance from the "Riviera" one has everything he/she needs for a comfortable life!

• Reliable Real Estate Developer: The Project developer is a well-known company in Belarus and abroad. Bulbash, LLC, is a traditional leader in the market of alcoholic beverages so trustworthy assets secure the project investment. The business plan of “Riviera SPA & Business" was carefully elaborated by highly professional international team and experts of the real estate industry. The first building operates from December 2014. The second “ship” was completed in January 2016, and the third construction stage with the SPA-centre is scheduled for completion in 2017. Rivera Business & SPA Centre is a multi task and unique solution that combines opportunities both for effective work and recreation!